Personal Information

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Name : Amy-Joy
Location : England, Brighton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 23rd May 1995
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hey there, I'm Amy~

I'm a roping, gaming, cosplaying doucheface that pretty much sits at home drawing all day when I don't have college.

MCM is usually around my birthday, and as such I tend to make a big fuss and arrange a shit ton of stuff. But I adore meeting up with fellow cosplayers of my favored fandoms, keeping in touch and getting to the FRIEND ZONE.

My interests vary really, I'll cosplay manga characters, game characters, tv characters. Anything really.

I hope to meet a lot of you in future!

Cosplay Bio

I've been cosplaying men a lot recently... scratch that, just psychopathic assholes.

Current interests are Blazblue, pokemon, yugioh, togainu no chi, Zelda, L4D, Resident evil, [K] (Project K), Magi, good omens, Deadman wonderland.

Contact Information

MSN: contact me.
Skype: cyberised


I'm a budding manga artist / or so I'd like to believe. My art tumblr; Manga / anime obviously Cosplay Xbox any sort of gaming media Art