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Name : Marisa
Location : Brighton
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Hai there guys! I'm Marisa and I (like most people on this site) spend far too much of my time watching anime. I'm currently doing a degree in biomedical science, meaning cosplaying is extra difficult due to lack of money/time :(. Its worth it so much though when you get that sense of acheivement after you've completed making something awesome :3 LOVE YOU ALL <3

Cosplay Bio

I'm still trying to get the hang of this cosplay stuffs so please be patient with me! XD I think i've got the sewing machine part down now (I only recently bought one) which makes cosplaying SO MUCH easier (hand sewing takes forever :[ ). I've only really done simple cosplays so far but am aiming to do something more complicated. Am open to recomendations also :3 Danku~~