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Name : J-Ney
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Location : London, GBR
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Date of Birth : 24th December 1988
Age : 28

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Nowadays I don't myself too seriously. Cosplayer. Recruiter by trade.. Love Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Final Fantasy but I could be convinced to do other cosplays too!

Cosplay Page - Manticore Cosplay

Cosplay Bio

Cosplaying since 2008. Got serious in 2009.

Dream Cosplays:

Artanis from Starcraft II
Veig from Chaos Rings Omega
Exmode Jecht from Final Fantasy Dissidia
Bahamut's Stone Fayth from Final Fantasy X
Commander Shepard, Legion, Thane Krios [DONE] and Kaidan [DONE] from Mass Effect 3
Ike from Fire Emblem [DONE]
Chris Redfield - Resident Evil 6

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