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Name : Zoe
Location : Chelmsford
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Personal Bio

I am temporarily working as a part time cleaner while I search around for a better job; I'm not really fussed about what at the moment. I already followed my dream and went to Japan to teach for one year and seven months, so now that I have broken the illusion that Japan is any better/different to the UK I have returned home.

Despite having gotten Japan out of my system, I do still love the Japanese culture, and like most people on here I am heavily into anime, manga, Jpop and cosplay. I am also a writer of fan fiction, since writing is my real passion, though due to a general lack of drive/focus and an intense dislike of research, it is unlikely to develop into a full career.

As well as being into anime, I also enjoy a lot of sci-fi and crime dramas. Things that I like to watch include all forms of Star Trek, though Enterprise lost me a little, all forms of Stargate, Doctor Who (new and old), Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Castle and NCIS. I also enjoyed The Walking Dead series, and started to watch Vampire Diaries and a little Supernatural. I have even watched Glee on occasion.

I am also very much into comedy, particularly Mock the Week.

Cosplay Bio

My interest in anime began, where a lot of kids start, with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. I enjoyed these cartoons, and then walked into a book shop when I was studying my GCSEs and discovered Yu-Gi-Oh manga, so I bought a volume, and since there was a three for two offer I also picked up the first volume of Fushigi Yuugi and the first volume of Rurouni Kenshin. From here, I bought Fruits Basket and Ghost Hunt, and just kept going. My first anime series outside of the two above mentioned were Chrono Crusade and Hellsing, just because I happened to see them. I was into vampires thanks to Anne Rice, and Chrono Crusade's animation and shiny box caught my eye.

I believe my first convention was in 2006 at the London Expo at Excel. This is where I wore two Chi dresses, though I wasn't cosplaying as Chi, just wearing the dresses. The next year I bought more costumes, I cosplayed Hinamori Momo from Bleach and Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight.

This year, one of my friends made most of my costume, and it was finished by my mother. (I don't really sew, but I did some tacking and tried to do the sleeves, which my mother then had to rescue because I am terrible with the machine) This is the first cosplay that I have had any part in making, and was Hatsune Miku (Synchronicity version) from Vocaloid, and I cosplayed her because we had hoped to do a group cosplay, however it didn't quite happen in the end.

I hope to go to Kitacon next year, and for Kitacon I would like to make (or help make) a Snow Miku costume.


writing / reading / fan fiction / gaming / films / sci-fi / anime / Disney / manga / crime / drama / fantasy / historical/period / victorian / astronomy.