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Name : Anastasia
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Location : Las Vegas
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th July 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

please dont get mad at me! i'm from the US.
i hope to go to a convention in the future but for now its all a dream that i'm working on.
i'm here to pretty much lurk the tutorials and ask questions and leave comments >_<'''

Cosplay Bio

I'm not really sure! in 8th grade i asked my mom to make me Meilin's outfit for Halloween, and after that i wanted to make more outfits but didn't have the resources to do so, and the time i guess after Zenkaikon 2008? that's when i started to making all the costumes i wanted to cosplay since forever

Contact Information

i'm pretty much MangaFreak150 everywhere i sign up! C: feel free to look me up! :D



Cosplays and Conventions for 2010

Wed, 30 Dec 2009 04:17:45 GMT

so this is pretty much a note of what I'm planning for 2010
its cosplays, conventions, and gatherings I'm going too
mainly so i don't forget lol

-Sarie from Twinkle Crusaders (Might make the Panda Stuffed Animal)
-Kanonn from umineko (making his sword too)
-Skitty Moemon

Spring Gathering:
-Unagi from Poptan

Pokemon Gathering:
-Umbreon Moemon

-Pen from Moetan
-Pen's bedtime outfit from Moetan (mayyyybe if i have the money)
-Fairymon from Digimon (not sure how to make the wings any suggestions?)
-Alice from Queens Blade (i have to fabric so yeah! :D)

I'll be bringing my Amulet Devil, Sky Jack, Skitty,Bellossom, or Umbreon outfits for gatherings
hopefully drew will be wearing his Sandshrew outfit

-Unity Yuno from Unity Marriage The Two Brides
-Amulet Fortune and Ikuto's Seven Seas Treasure transformation from Shugo Chara (if drew doesn't mind cosplaying for one day xD)
-Kyouka Midarezaki Magical mage outfit from ep 15 of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

I'll be bringing Bellossom from Pokemon for a gathering

Anime Vegas:
-Haruko's bunny outfit from FLCL
-Tama-tan from Dokidoki! Tama-tan
-Etna from Disgaea or Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier, it depends : /

I'll bring a pokemon outfit if there is a gathering, same with Shugo chara or Higurashi

I'll be making Tsukasa Bullet by Holstein Hanako cosplay, not sure if ill wear it to anything
I'll also be making as many Kyouka Midarezaki outfits from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki as i can



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