Personal Information

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Name : Megan
Location : Mildenhall
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th June 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

I like Cake... the dessert and the band. Specifically german chocolate and Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle. I've got a bachelor's degree that's doing a fantastic job of holding a wall in my house in place. Just moved to the UK and really prefer it except for the distance from family. The candy here is amazazing and I was flabbergasted (yup, that's right) to see a street sweeper in my neighborhood! I thought those only existed in big cities... ha

Cosplay Bio

Brand new to cosplay... sort of. Been lurking for YEARS but i've never had the skill or nerve to try my hand. Now that i can sew (some) and i'm a little older - i'm ready to dive in!


Sewing / video games / anime / manga / photography / hedgehogs / baking / music