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Name : Alice
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Personal Bio

Hey, im Alice, my friends say im pretty crazy, and i can buy that XD i love cosplay and anime (obviously) i like making/watching vids on youtube, drawing fanart for DeviantART and writing/reading fanfics on (i am madgirllolly for all of these) you probably havnt heard much about me but i hope to make some new friends :D

Cosplay Bio

i love cosplay, it lets you escape normality and show who you really are, it lets everyone who cosplays feel connected. ive allways liked dressing up since i was tiny, my friends kind of got me into the anime scene (even though i was already watching pokemon, yugioh and beyblade nd stuff like that) and the first time we went to MCM expo it just seemed normal to dress up, even if that was my worst cosplay ^^;



youtube / DeviantART / reading / playing on my ds / going shopping/cinema/bowling/swimming with m8s / writing and reading fanfiction / converses / collecting campervans / all sorts of stuff :D