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Name : Rachel
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Location : Bedfordshire
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Date of Birth : 9th February 1994
Age : 21

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Birthday Meetup

Mon, 09 Feb 2015 16:10:26 GMT

On Saturday, I went to Chinatown in London with some friends to celebrate my birthday.

Outfit -

Moi meme Moitie: JSK, blouse, necklace, headdress, socks

Metamorphose: shoes

Offbrand: tights, bracelet

Chew Tea

I had an interview last week was at Chew Tea, and I wanted to go back to try their bubble tea and desserts. I’m not really into tea - this was my third time trying bubble, and I’m still not a fan XD One of my friends had a hot milky vanilla tea  which was nice, so I’d recommend that!

We also had waffles, which were lovely, but filling. Next time, I’d like to try one of their chocolate milkshakes.

Purikura at Photo Sticker Club

55-57 Charing Cross Road (upstairs)

You know when you get purikura, there’s always that one person that’s really good at decorating. That’s not me.

55-57 Charing Cross Road

This indoor-shopping centre type building has lots of small businesses/vendors selling kawaii goods. My favourite is Kawaii Collective (first 3 photos). I was so tempted to buy everything, but I’d set myself a budget for a plush, and sadly had to leave empty handed on this occasion.

Also, look at the size of that Rilakkuma at the back in the bottom photo!

Finally, we went to Wagamama. I had Wagamama ramen, since I haven’t had ramen in aaaages. Although it defeated me and I didn’t eat it all - shouldn’t have had that waffle earlier!

Souvenirs - purikura, polaroid/cheki my friend took on the train ride home, and some gifts my other friend gave me - including a mini Alpacasso! Since I already had this guy, maybe that’s why I didn’t mind too much I couldn’t afford a big one later.



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