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Name : Maddy
Website : http://harleythehenchwench.deviantart.com/
Location : UK
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Personal Bio

I am a geeky gamer girl who loves Nivek Ogre and Bill Moseley wayyy too much! ;-)
I do a lot of costumes . Im all into character accuracy, and I do like to get into the parts once I wear the costumes. I have been told many a time I am waay to much like Harley Quinn when I go around the conventions. I still dont know if that is a good thing! Hehe! I have just started Cross Playing...for some reason I like it... :/

Cosplay Bio

First costume - Enma Ai - Hell Girl - £20
Second Costume - Harley Quinn - Batman TAS - £50
Third Costume - Fem Joker - Batman - £60/65
Fourth Costume - Black Alice - Secret Six - £55
Fifth Costume - Paviche Largo - Repo! The Genetic Opera - £60
Sixth Costume - Pansy Parkinson - £60
Seventh Costume - Draco Malfoy - £80
Eigth Costume - Wonder Girl - £40

Contact Information

Skype - HarleyQuinnBJD
Email - harleythehenchwench@hotmail.co.uk
Tumblr - lolitalargo.tumblr.com



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