Personal Information

Name : Fiona
Location : England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th April 1999
Age : 17

Personal Bio

I'm in school, but, I shouldn't say which one. Anyway, I'm doing GCSEs, which sucks, 'cos GCSEs suck too and are lots of effort and time. Huu, but apparently GCSEs are NOTHING compared to A Levels, so, you know, 'why am I even complaining, I'm practically living THE LIFE right now' Or something. I don't know.
I like Anime, Manga, Visual/Sound Novels, Games, Procrastination. But when people who don't know that I'm 'into that weirdo Japanese-cartoon-stuff' ask me what my hobbies are, I say that I like to draw.
And then I leave it like that, and appear unsociable, but it's fine really, I don't like talking to people much.
I do actually like drawing, mainly anime-style characters, but I do fanart too. I'm not good enough to put any of it online though, so, it's just a personal hobby for now. I also like to write, but I'm far to self-conscious to let ANYONE read it. I don't write much either.

I used to be into books, but now I read manga or VN's instead.

I, uhh, have cons to attend, so I'll finish this later.

Cosplay Bio

I got into cosplay from Anime, but I pretty much got into everything I like now via Anime so that's not surprising. My first con that I went to was J-con in Derby, I'd seen how cons work and all that, and since I was going with a friend(it was her first con too)we decided to both cosplay(I went as Hungary, her as Russia(Hetalia)) We both enjoyed it a lot, so have continued ever since.

I can't really say what I enjoy most, but I guess it's a chance to be someone I can't normally be? To proudly state 'I'm a member of this fandom!'... Haha, probably not. I just enjoy wearing cosplay:3 That's all it is.