Personal Information

Name : Lucy
Location : Hertfordshire, UK
Gender :   

Personal Bio

I'm 18, a Slytherin, Nerdfighter, con-goer, and author. My first book, Take Back The Skies, is being published by Bloomsbury in June 2014.
I'm a giant sc-fi/fantasy nerd, and can usually be found watching TV, reading fic of said TV shows, or cosplaying from those TV shows.
Feel free to chat, I don't bite :)

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying when some friends who already cosplayed got me into it. I like to make as much of my cosplay as I can, and my proudest moment was the first time I wore a costume that was almost completely hand-made by me (Toon Link). My favourite part of cosplay would probably be meeting other people who cosplay from the same fandom, and comparing costumes/taking group photos.

Contact Information

Twitter: @Lucy_Saxon
DeviantArt: LucySaxon
Tumblr: LucySaxonBooks



Cosplaying / Writing / Reading / Horse Riding / Physics / Conventions / Zelda / Nintendo / Ouran / Hetalia / Harry Potter / Hunger Games / Mortal Instruments / Nerdfighters / Star Trek / Doctor Who / Torchwood / Glee / Merlin / Sherlock / Pokemon / Sci-Fi / Fanfiction