Personal Information

Name : Lajabe
Website : http://lostsoulscosplay.deviantart.com/
Location : walsall
Date of Birth : 8th February 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Theres 3 of us...
Jade: who has an obsession with Kingdom Hearts , is 18 and wants to be ... a journalist i do believe. Going to University come september. (oldest member)

Beckii: Who loves art , 16, wants to do something to do with art in future... changng from Sixthfom to colege in september. (youngest member, Laura's sister)

Laura: Loves English Lit, 17, wants to be an English teacher, going to Uni in Septmber.

Cosplay Bio

Just 3 cosplayers, Plans to do a wide variety of cosplays, From Kingdom hearts to ... South park(maybeeee?)

Going to MCM London Expo - May 2011.
Saturday: Jade, Beckii & Laura.
Sunday: Beckii & Laura.

Contact Information

(Laura) xxlaura1004xx@hotmail.co.uk


Manga / Anime / Games / Films... Etc.