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Name : Littlegeeky
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Location : North West, England
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Date of Birth : 24th August 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Hey I'm Littlegeeky.

I like video games, manga, anime, movies, tea, Steampunk and cute things.
I like doing photography as well as videography of cosplayers at events.

Cosplay Bio

I began cosplaying at Amecon 2008 and my first costumes were... terrible.
I finally started getting into the swing of costume making in 2010 and haven't stopped.

I've had some amazing opportunities thanks to cosplay.
Some day I'd love to make something really epic and want to step up my game.

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Films / gaming / sci-fi / anime / manga / Legend of Zelda / Full metal Alchemist / animating / voice acting / Ouran High School host club / Axis Powers Hetalia / Death Note / Harry Potter / The World ends with you / The Dark Knight / Digimon / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann / Kingdom Hearts 2