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Name : Kathryn
Website :
Location : Kent, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th June 1991
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I'm Kathryn Wood and I'm a UK-based illustrator. I enjoy spending my time drawing cute things and writing comics.

I also love cartoons, anime, video games, comics, comedy, BBC Radio 1 and Game Grumps.

[Animals] Birds
[Food] Rich Tea Biscuits, White Chocolate
[Film] Elf
[Video Game] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
[Anime] Alien Nine
[Music] Kaiser Chiefs
[Song] 'Flux' by Bloc Party

Cosplay Bio

I got into cosplay after going to my first London MCM Expo in May 2007. I love the craftsmanship and the bright colours that make the person look like they've come straight out of a cartoon/video game/etc. I used to make them for each Expo date I went to, but now I'm on a strict budget and make cosplays one by one when I have the budget for them.

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