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Name : Patricia
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Location : Worcester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th January 1995
Age : 21

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Hey ^_^

Guilty Kuroshitsuji fan-girl ^^" I write, roleplay and cosplay it <3
I like editing manga and colouring it :D

Cosplay Bio

I have a completed Sebastian Michaelis, Yoite, Misaki (Junjou Romantica) and now Haruhi (ouran) cosplay I'm not professional I go with what I find and hope the heavenly charity shops provide close clothing. For example with my Sebastian cosplay it's obvious it's a jacket and the tail bit is just sewn on ^^" (And I can't sew...I made my mum do it, so I love her for that <3)

I'm a amueter, I don't like contacts T_T and make up is not my best friend. So most of my pictures I have to edit and I'm happy with that <3

Because that's what cosplay is to me, a bit of fun and your able to meet new people ^_^

I have a deviant art:
Fan-Fic account:

And if you want to chat with me message me because I have skype

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