Little Remedy

Personal Information

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Name : Amy
Website :
Location : Lincoln
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 22nd December 1992
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I'm a student at the University of Lincoln, and if I spent as much time doing uni work as I did on sewing/drawing/reading/dicking about online I'd probably be a lot better at my course. The chances of this happening ever are pretty low.

Cosplay Bio

I always wanted to get into cosplay, and first started in my first year of university, where I was lucky enough to meet other people that did and join in with their pokemon group as Keldeo, back at MCM London October 2011! Since then I've pretty much cosplayed at every expo/con I can, in various groups with my friends (and my little sister on occasion!)

Making the outfits themselves is always a lot of fun- especially when I can make things from scratch myself and improve my abilities with every costume!