Personal Information

Name : Marlies
Website :
Location : Krimpen a\d IJssel
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th June 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio


My name is Marlies Keijzer, and though I'm Dutch, I'm planning to move to England in October, and have been going to London Expo since 2007! I greatly enjoy cosplaying and love to make new friends, share knowledge and help people out!

Cosplay Bio

I started to cosplay in 2005, and I've grown into this hobbby over the years. I enjoy cosplay because of the building-the-costume aspect, which is like half the hobby, the other half, the social part is even more awesome, as you get to know new people, share ideas and sometimes even help people out.
My proudest moment was when I first finished my first costume, and stepped out on the con with it, and got asked for pics! ^_^
My greatest achievement so far is walking with a heavy headpiece while on stilts... yup!

Contact Information

Lisu-chan on and private message me for my email!


Within Temptation / movies / manga / drawing / gaming / Final Fantasy / Koei / Muse / Assassin's Creed