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Name : Lex
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Location : Lancashire
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Date of Birth : 31st May 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I entered the Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012! Please vote for me here. Thanks!

Hey all, LinkyLex here, but you can call me Lex, or Link!

I'm an 18 year old music student living near the Manchester area in England and I only recently began cosplaying.
I work in Next and spend far too much money on fabric and crafts materials.

Despite studying music, what I really want to get a career in is animal care, so I guess it's back to college for me. Any excuse to avoid uni or full time work!

I like to keep myself busy and do so in a number of ways, which I like to think are creative.
I spend most of my time either writing, drawing, singing or working on cosplays and I couldn't be happier with the way I spend my days.

Cosplay Bio

My first expo was the Manchester MCM in July 2011 and since then cosplaying has pretty much become a part of daily life for me. My cosplay debut was at this expo; there I wore my Twilight Princess Link costume, however the costume was far from finished at the time and has since been completed and improved.

I hope to cosplay most, if not all, of the main Legend of Zelda characters, as well as other minor characters. I also cosplay characters from other series should they catch my attention.
My love of the game and my adoration for the outfits, along with the inspiration of other cosplayers has made me want to bring all my favourite characters to life, and what better place to start than with a game I loved for longer than I can remember.

When I began cosplaying, I set up a cosplay group with my friend KaiBlader; we cosplay together as well as organising cosplay meets in our area and we soon hope to also make videos.

Previous cons/events:
Manchester MCM Expo; July 2011 - Cosplayed as: Link
ReplayExpo; November 2011 - Cosplayed as: Link
DokiDoki Festival; November 2011 - Cosplayed as: Link
Midlands MCM Expo; February 2012 - Cosplayed as: Zelda
SunnyCon; March 2012 - Cosplayed as: Toon Link & SeeU

Upcoming cons/events:
Manchester MCM Expo; July 2012 - Cosplaying as: Four Swords Links
NemaCon; June 2012 - Cosplaying as: Alice and SeeU
Play Expo; October 2012 - Cosplaying as: Link and Alice
London MCM Expo; October 2012 - Cosplaying as: Alice, Link & Zelda
Thought Bubble; November 2012 - Cosplaying as: Alice and Zelda

I hope to see you at an event!

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Find me on other sites by searching 'LinkyLex'.



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