Personal Information

Name : Samantha
Location : England
Gender :   

Personal Bio

I like to sew to make practical things as well as cosplay costumes and also love to cross stitch.

My favourite anime and manga tend to be ones which are cute, have good stories or are a bit sci-fi. When I choose cosplay costumes to make they're from series/games which I'm a fan of.

Curling up with a good book is something I enjoy very much, as is playing video games with Dave (/Tofu) my husband.

Cosplay Bio

I discovered cosplay when I started going to Minamicon, it looked like so much fun I decided to make some costumes myself. The fact that I didn't do much sewing before I got into cosplay shows in my earlier costumes I think. I love sewing now though and wouldn't part with my sewing machine.

I particularly like making costumes with fleece. I find it a really nice material to work with, I love how soft it is, and it's very comfortable to wear.

I usually make one or two costumes for Dave to wear at Minamicon as well as the ones I make for myself, I think it's fun to have matching costumes. :)


cross-stitch / anime / manga / video games / sci-fi / fanfiction / books / languages / sewing / cosplay / Doctor Who / Quantum Leap / Star Trek / Stargate SG1 / Tales of video game series / How To Train Your Dragon / Lilo and Stitch / Studio Ghibli / Pokémon