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Name : Talia
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Location : United Kingdom
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 31st January 1997
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Hey there...Lia-chan here~
I'm a 14 year old Cosplayer located in Newcastle UK.
I'm Ginger, deal with it
I love Music, Italy, Russia, Video games and hiding under your bed <3
I hate Bad Grammar, lack of Communication and Spelling errors...and Spiders
Have a Nice Day~

Cosplay Bio

I've been an active cosplayer since January 2010 and my first proper con was NemaCon 2011. I got interested in cosplay through Youtube and the wonder that is Demyx Time.

I have many cosplays. Only a few are up on here, however, as I am my photographer and I only have limited space. I'm very camera shy and I would never ask my parents to take my picture. So it's either me or my friends and they're lazy.

Rainbow Sensation is mine and my friends cosplay group. We're all named after our colours(I'm orange). I'm the main organiser of the group, organising meets and cosplay ideas. Ironically, I'm the youngest in the group but c'est la vie.


Ivan Braginski-Axis Powers Hetalia
Zexion(Casual)-Kingdom Hearts
Luka Megurine(Matryoshka)-VOCALOID
Kurorori Lolita

Contact Information

Skype: HybridKitten
DeviantArt: Paranoid-Confidence OR xTheValentineSaintx
Email: Please ask
FanFiction: Lia-Naomi


Music / Art / Italy / Russia / Anime / Reading / Photography / Writing / Moshing / Sleeping / Eating / Cosplaying / Science / The modern world / Technology / things that glow