Personal Information

Name : Lauren
Location : Newcastle, United Kingdom
Gender :   

Personal Bio

Hey there! Okay so I suppose I dance, and a heck of a lot too but I will always put cosplay first. In case you are curious (which you are most likely not) it's tap, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, street and cabaret dance I do.
I love to read and of course, write too. I mainly read and write fanfiction also ;)

I myself am a rather shy character when you first meet me, however I will quickly open up around you once I'm comfortable- another reason why I love cosplay we all share the same hobby and interests. Anyway I can be majorly shy and nervous unless I am comfortable around you but I'm also rather kind, I hate to insult anyone no matter what the relationship and I am always welcoming, so i would happily talk with anyone and make conversation.

Cosplay Bio

As much as you may judge me, but I hope not, I have yet to cosplay that's the reason I joined this website. I don't really have any friends away from the internet interested in Hetalia, HTTYD or ROTG or cosplay in general and I'm much to shy to go on my own.
As a matter if fact if I knew someone at the con or meetup (but had only met them online) then I would not have the issue going alone at all- because I know I wouldn't be alone when I got there!
Yes I would cosplay anyone from How to train your dragon, Rise of the guardians and most commonly Hetalia to be honest, I have mo major preference :)



Dancing / reading / writing / anime / fandoms / performing / acting / photography / recording