Personal Information

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Name : Charlotte
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Location : Newcastle
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th November 1986
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Also known as CharlyVonKarma, I'm an illustration, manga, video game, anime figure, fantasy writing, cosplaying enthusiast. Basically, anything I get into, I get into passionately.
I love drawing and writing especially, I'm a very creative person.
My cons are that I'm a wee bit shy, can talk non-stop once I'm comfortable with someone and I daydream A LOT.

Cosplay Bio

I've always loved dressing up but since I was an unpopular kid I never got invited to any fancy dress parties.
Then by the time I reached 13 I figured I was too old for dressing up. At around the same time I got into anime, and over the years this exposed me to cosplay more and more.
I desparately wanted to go to a convention and cosplay but at that time I didn't know about any cons in Britain.
My first real cosplay experience was at a local meet up of anime fans who were going to Amecon 2007. Almost everyone was in cosplay that day and I attended as a Persocom from Chobits.
After that I was determined to attend Amecon 2008 and cosplay.
Amecon 2008 has since been and gone and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first 'real' cosplay experience.