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Name : Adele
Location : UK
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I've been nicknamed Sasu by the majority of my close friends (due to my recent spam cosplaying of Sasuke no doubt :P)
I'm a second year uni student, a cosplayer (obviously) and a tomboyish crossplayer ^ ^

I swear I just keep on adding to my list of cosplays I want to do.. my list is waaay too long now ^ ^'
I'm into sports, swimming and am incredibly hyper (though the latter is most probably due to my coffee addiction!)

Cosplay Bio

I think I got interested in cosplay after yet another nerding sleepover with my friends. A night of anime and manga madness. Great fun! Anyway, I just thought in my head, I wish I was '_______' (can't remember which character *embarassing*) but from then I went and looked at a few favourite anime and was like... I could do that.

Predominantly I enjoy cosplaying as male characters... not too sure why but it's become my preference.. hence my cosplay list mainly has guys and why I've done Kaoru, Lelouch, Sasuke and Zero so far..
Mainly I just find crossplay more fun and kind-of more free.. I dunno how to explain myself really ><'

My first Cosplay? Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club) @ MCM London - May 2009

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