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Name : clare
Location : sheffield
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th March 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Right....where to start, well I live in Sheffield and love it here, I'm a photography student at sheffield hallam uni. I'm a pretty laid back and open minded kinda person, my interests and passions tend to comsume me (and so they should!) some of the things I am passionate about are: my pets (snakes, cats and the mouse) music (anything from opera to dance to death metal! I am a definate punk/rock/metal fan though) films (nothing like a good horror flick) books, tv, singing, gaming, photography, festivals (nothing like spending a weekend in a field with a few thousand other people!) dressing up in nice pretty expensive clothes and corsets (or just dressing up in general) dancing, hanging with my mates, well that will do for now, if you actually wanna know anything more best bet is ask, you never know i might even answer ;)

Cosplay Bio

i'm a noobie with this, been following it for years but never actually done any cosplaying :(


um as above really / films / books / music / games you kow the usual