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Name : Kelly-Ann
Location : Liverpool
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Personal Bio

I co-founded and co-run a Japanese Anime group called LEAF, which is short for "League of Extraordinary Anime Fans", with my fiance Mike. LEAF has been running for over 9 years now and the group keeps growing! I LOVE Anime and Cosplaying as well as reading Manga. I am also a Furry, and I love to attend Furmeets and suit up. I also love to make my own Cosplay costumes as well as my own fursuits, I love to make plushies too!

Cosplay Bio

I LOVE To Cosplay and enjoy making my own costumes, fursuits and props, I also love to make Plushies and Needle Felting!

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Watching Anime / Cosplaying / Making Costumes / Making Fursuits / Fursuiting / Making Plushies / Reading / Drawing / Writing / Needle Felting.