Personal Information

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Name : Rebecca
Website : http://www.youtube.com/user/RCpresents
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th February 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I can be a shy person who is often very quiet. I want to become more outgoing and brave which one reason why I guess I am starting to enjoy cosplay more and more. I care a lot about the people I love and all my friends that sometimes I get scared that I will loss them and shut myself in.

Recently since starting university I have made lots of new friends on my course that I am taking, Digital Media Production, some of whom share the same interests as I do. But because of uni I have been more busy and stressed that I am looking more to youtube and cosplay as an outlook to unwind and youtube to vent in either vlogs and/or game commentaries with friends or solo.

Cosplay Bio

Started cosplaying in March 2010 first at Memorabilia where I cosplayed from School Rumble. From there been to both London MCM Expos as well as J-Con and a number of meets in the local area. Started cosplaying becuase a friend I meet at my 6 form college who took part in it and roped me in XD.



Gaming / Anime / Manga / Drawing / Photography / Film making / Graphic design / Video editing