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Name : Kristin
Location : Upminster
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Personal Bio

Bonjour. I'm a teaching assistant and translator. I used to do freelance writing, but I stopped because I wanted an academic career. Not that I want to be a professor for the rest of my life, but I like to find out if this is what I like to do. I've no complaints, but that's for now. Perhaps I enjoy my university days, and I'm passionate about mastering the English language. So teaching the fundamentals of essay writing can be as fun as making my students appreciative of classical literary books. Of course, I try to make them aware of the wonders of French literature, but I don't want to push too far on them. I'm fond of children's books, so I fancy animation (more or less).

Cosplay Bio

It was Sabine who introduced me to costume play; she was a big fan of Liana K., who was renowned for it. I thought she was beautiful, but I didn't like her Power Girl costume. Believe it or not, I tried that costume when Sabine hosted a party. I won't tell you what happened, but let's just say that I'll try another character if I'll be given another chance.


fiction novels / literary essays (French in particular) / World Cinema / landscape photography / traveling / history