Personal Information

Name : Rosalind
Location : Surrey
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th August 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Hi Im Rosalind and I live in Horley with my brother, two sisters, two rabbits and my lizard, on a really grotty estate completely surrounded by chavs and other people who hate me mainly because im that little bit different but hey! My life is interesting shall we say but I manage and survive(almost!). I love my friends dearly and keep them close you know who you are :). I was at Reigate sixth form college studding art and theartre and have just finished a 2-year b-tech. I started going to Epsom but quit after i found it wasn't for me. I now have two part-time jobs and earning ok money.

Cosplay Bio

Well I have always liked dressing up ever since I was little and well I cant grow out of it lol. I think it is the idea of dressing up as sombody eles, and being somthing you are not, so in other words I am a shop girl but in cosplay I can be a dog-demon or an evil angel :D Plus this expo I got to go on stage for the first ever time it was epic :P!!


Video games - Syro / Okami / Destroy all humans / GTA / Anime / manga / western comics and books - Inuyahsa / Hellsing / Chobbits / Excel Saga / Rekio the zombie shop / pet shop of horrors / Model / Neil Gaimans Sandman / Harry Potter / Abarat ect ect... Movies - Anything by Neil Gaiman / Tim Burton / Terry Gilliam / Guillermo del Toro / Hayao Miyazaki and Quentin Tarantino *violence is gooood >:)* My friends / family / pet lizard (love you Errol!!) and the boyfriend of course lol