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Name : Kim
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Location : Kent, South-East
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Date of Birth : 25th May 1991
Age : 25

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I really hate these types of boxes because I never know what to write! D8

I'm a 20 year old cosplayer, at the moment I'm living at home but planning to move out and into a house of my own with one of my close friends. I think our house will definately turn into a cosplay/wig/photography/gaming workshop of some kind.. ^^;

I've always been into photography as a hobby but nothing more really and I hope to improve my skills not only with the camera but the editing side of things as well.
I also enjoy (although complain about quite a lot) wig styling.

RECENTLY I started a photography group with my friend! We're known as Dead Melon Photography and debuted at London MCM Expo May 2011 LINKS BELOW!

Cheers guys! X3

Cosplay Bio

I have been interested in cosplay for a looong time but never got round to actually doing it. -laziness-
My first time properly cosplaying was at London MCM Expo 2010 where I cosplayed Fou who is originally from a series called D.Gray-Man. Except in this case I was cosplaying a crossover with the game Kingdom Hearts. Which made for an interesting costume but it was a lot of fun to wear at the same time.

Through cosplay I have met my cosplay group {Cumph} who can be found here:

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