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Name : Ploy
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Location : London
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Personal Bio

Hi, My name is Ploy but call me Kittz if you'd prefer it~.
I'm 1/4 thai and the rest Chinese (I don't even know... Mother keeps telling me I'm half:half yet father tells me I'm more Chinese. I'm confused)
I live in London UK but I often travel back to Thailand and in the UAE
I'm currently in Sixth form~ destined to be a doctor forever ;u;...
I love sport, like Hockey and rounders but don't make me run man..
Dancing is one of my pass times too <3
I spend my everyday time, trying to solve how to do my next cosplays or some science puzzle.
Give me a topic and I can talk about it for a longggg time ahaha~
I'm a nice person.. really ;u;.. I'm really shy to anyone I've never met so if you ever do meet me, come and say hi!

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying at the tender age of 13 at the May 2010 Expo. Well I'd like to think I've improved XD
*Stares blankly at the picture* Well this is my Luffy cosplay from May 2010 to December 2012.

I'm learning to sew currently, with the help of my mother's friends (whom is a tailor) so I sew some of my cosplays and have seamstresses in thailand make it for me while I loom over their shoulders to learm they help with patterning and telling me which piece to stick to what is told step by step to me when the design is too complicated. Though the most I can do right now is Skirts, Vests, Coats. I usually blind sew which is when I don't have a pattern what so ever.
But I love sewing plushies and any other props. Like my Behemoth Plushie I did for Amaimon, I had very rough patterns and no idea how to make it. I like sewing without knowing how it will turn out lD.... Things like guns and swords I'm not too good with but I did get much better since my England cosplay. That's because I can use my DT department's stuff BD.. But I'll leave most the weaponary to Nadine~

I usually crossplay as it's more effort to cosplay as the make up load is totally quadrupled and I find male characters are easier and more interesting to cosplay~ And lets not forget the long wigs of horror... I loathe long wigs. The tangles make me cry slightly. So you know crossplay short hair :DDD... (EventhoughtIsuitlonghairmore)
My ratio is around 6 males : 1 female cosplay.

My aspirations is to be an underground cosplayer. I don't like the spotlight too much. I get far to chuffed ahaha and I feel bad for the cosplayers whom are better than me but don't get the same attention... I like to stick with my group of friends and decide on each other's cosplays (Me and nadsnadine have basically planned the next year's cosplays for each other). I mean I would love to win a masquerade one day but there are so many better cosplays oAo...

My big projects for the next two years would be: Wild Tiger herosuit (Tiger and bunny), Fenris (Dragon Age 2), Yukimura sanada (Sengoku Basara) and Chessverse!Arthur Kirkland (Hetalia)
Those projects will be difficult as Wild tiger, Fenris and Arthur are all armour (Tiger is mecha so it's worst) and thinking that I'm a 15 year old doing this is kinda.. vast ahaha. Yukimura is probably the reason of the open chest thing but I'll lose weight do I don't look like a tard XD.

Contact Information

I run two tumblrs:
My personal tumblr with my cosplays and random stuff:
And a Tiger and bunny cosplay blog:

and Facebook: (Only add me if I met you ^^, if not like my cosplay page to talk to me on my cosplayer page:
My Cure number is 31994
My World cosplay number is 20749




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