Personal Information

Name : Harry
Location : Gosport (pretty much next to portsmouth lol)
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 19th August 1996
Age : 20

Personal Bio

Well im currently in year 10 doing boring work yawn i know but everyday after it finishes me and my two friends who also like anime but not alot get on the swings and watch the sunset then as usual in an axel voice asks me hey you know why the sun sets red? and as always i turn around and get glomped thats everything but maybe tomorrow we'll finally hit the beach lol

Cosplay Bio

I dont know till may!


Games FF / KH / HL2 and bioshock mainly for there sheer awesomeness ANIME= MAR / Naruto / .hack / Deathnote / Pokemon and shaman king mainly at the moment i also like studio gibli films.