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Name : Ichigo
Location : United Kingdom
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I am a freelance illustrator and a designer currently living in London. I love cosplay (obv or why would I be here anyways) I love anime,manga,animations,very otaku oh but I also like travelling,hikking,camping and LARP. I love to cook and bake and sew and craft things. These skills are very useful with my cosplays.You will never be able to guess my age so dont... I am a lolita girl who also loves mori fashion. I love dolls.. especially BJDs.. yes its quite expensive being me. I love reading and watching stuff... I mostly love sci-fi,fantasy,mystery and magical things. Studio Ghibli is my heart.

Cosplay Bio

I have loved cosplay for so long but being a poor university student in 2008-2011 I have no chance to do cosplay. All I can do was be a cosplay-loli, mixing a little character with my loli clothes. But In 2012 I started making my first ever cosplay. I made Madoka and I wore it once to Japan Matsuri in Brighton. Being with a xbf that time who does not approve of my cosplay or my hobbies it was the only costume I did for that year.



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anime / manga / lolita / mori / baking / travelling / reading / drawing / sewing / costume designs