Personal Information

Name : Harriet
Location : Essex
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 26th June 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

well i was born in june so that makes me a cancerian. i enjoy sewing, making yummy sweet things and watching crime dramas, dull i know xD

i'm a very lazy, relaxed person. so i'm not easily phased, which is why i'm into slightly more... interesting anime.

i'm a bit of a nerd; i enjoy gaming, especially RPGs and beat-em-ups ^^

thats all really. if for some reason you wanna know more my addy is: =D

Cosplay Bio

ermm i've been into cosplay for quite a while now, my very first one was Misty from Pokemon cuz i thought she was cool (i was really young at the time :P)

i've since done the following:
- Shion Sonozaki
- Hanyuu
- Kevin
- Kagami Hiiragi shrine maiden ver.
- Tamari


jrock / vis kei / reading / writing / anime / manga / cosplay / sewing / baking