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Name : Tab
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Location : Southampton
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Date of Birth : 10th April 1990
Age : 27

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If you want to contact me please email because I dislike using PM's.

My name's Tab and I like to make costumes and comics. I make costumes for myself and occasionally as commissions. If you're interested in a commission please email me with reference pictures of what you want along with when you want it. I tend to get booked up about 6 months in advance, so contact me early!

I'm happy to give people advice for how I make things, none of this is super secret stuff. I have a couple of tutorials over on already if you want to know how I've done certain things.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in October 2007 and haven't stopped since.

My favorite part about cosplay is sewing. I make epic armour half the time, but my real love is sitting down in front of my sewing machine (the lovely lady that she is) and sewing away.

I don't always go for complete accuracy on my costumes because I see cosplay as an interpretation of a cartoon to real life. I'm a sucker for making things look worn in and old.


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The Magician's Choice

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 16:22:58 GMT

Off to the USA tomorrow! I just uploaded a 8 page story called the Magician's choice for my $5 patreons for while I'm away:
It's a striking story set in the 1920s about an assistant who disguises themselves as a magician but then the lines blur over who they really are over time. A melancholy story about being trans before the word even existed, combined with a magic-pun filled narrative and a little bit of nakedness, but not really the sexy kind.
I just hit my $400 a month 'I make minimum wage for my hours spent drawing' goal- if we make it to $500 the main site will start getting an extra update a month so everyone benefits!