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Name : Dawn
Website :
Location : just outside Southampton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th November 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Um, not really much to say here. I like drawing and playing piano, and have some really awesome friends, who also like cosplaying ^^. You'll find me on deviantart and youtube under the same name.

Cosplay Bio

Well... I started cosplaying early in 2009, after hearing about it on deviantart. To tell the truth, my first cosplay was probably in 2007 (I didn't know it was called that then), but let's just say it went horribly wrong...

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Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts / D.Gray-Man / anime / manga / 07 Ghost / Shugo Chara / Maximum Ride / Pokemon / Digimon Tamers / Tales of Symphonia / +Anima / Percy Jackson / Vocaloid / Piano