Personal Information

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Name : Kazz
Website : http://spiralperspective.com/
Location : London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 15th November 1986
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Its'a me!

I'm a Retired cosplayer, ex-London Expo cosplay judge and cosplay photographer.

If I'm not running about like a blue arsed fly or dancing like a loon at an event, you'll probably find me shoving a camera in people's faces. I have a habit of taking up quite interesting poses (lying in puddles) while taking photos and I've got a mop of bright orange hair. So don't be shy, grab me for some photos if you see me!

Email me at spiralwork@gmail.com or visit my website for information on photoshoot availability.

Cosplay Bio

I have retired from cosplay after 6years of dabbling with it. Now I prefer to admire other's work.

Contact Information

Email: spiralwork@gmail.com
Website: Spiral Perspective
Deviantart: http://kazzle.deviantart.com/