Personal Information

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Name : Kathy
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 8th June 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm Gentle , sincere , shy and cute person.

I like horror stuff , horror(and horror survival) games , rpg games ~~ especially Final Fantasy series.

I like cute things too like little bunny <3

Love to draw mangá . Love Music , listen to japanese traditional music (Enka ), J-rock , J-pop and i LOVE KPOP. My favorite and ultimate kpop band is MBLAQ. <3

Let's be friends.

Cosplay Bio

i never made cosplay before, but i'm always planning to do my favorite Final Fantasy character : Yuna Braska ~~ of course ~~ summoner version.
Other Cosplay that i'm planning to do :
-Hua Mulan - Disney version ~~the blue costume that she wearing on the final.
- Final Fantasy VII - Aerith
- Hizaki - From the visual kei band Versailles . The dress from Holy Grail album.
- Kikyou From Inu-Yasha .
That's it all i remember for now.

Contact Information

PM me.


RPG games / Horror and Horror Survival games / Anime / Mangá / Cosplay / Draw / K-pop / Cute things / Disney things / Watch series like Ghost Whisperer / Once Upon a Time ~~ <3