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Name : Kawaii
Website : http://kawaiixfukuro.deviantart.com/
Location : United Kingdom
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Personal Bio

Yo! I'm KawaiixFukuro otherwise known as Leash, I'm an 18 year-old female currently residing in the wet and miserable realm we call the 'United Kingdom'

Oh yes tally ho' I'm sadly British, with some Irish and Italian mixed in there somewhere and no I don't go around in a top hat and monocle drinking tea and eating creamed scones; coffee's way better!

Cosplay Bio

Back in 2008 I found out what cosplay was and bought my first which was Itachi Uchiha from Naruto but didn't actually start attending conventions till 2012 when I visited London October's MCM as Amaterasu from Okami which was my first handmade costume.

Since then my cosplay world opened up for me as it became such a change from hardly knowing anyone who enjoyed or shared similar interests to anime and cosplay, to suddenly having met and befriending people who pretty much like what you do and attend cosplay/gaming conventions regularly. So far most of my completed hand made cosplays have been based on game characters like Link from Legend of Zelda, Reno from Final Fantasy and Riku from Kingdom Hearts which I believe has been influenced by college where I studied a gaming course.

Even though I haven't attended a lot of conventions as yet, I participate in joining group meetings based around where I live, sometimes organising meetings myself and attending Manga Nights put on by Forbidden Planet stores. In future I plan to continue attending as many conventions as possible whilst still making my own costumes in order to go up in the masquerade.

Cons Attending:
~ Em-Con 2015 (Weekend)
~ MCM March Birmingham 2015 (?)
~ MCM May London Expo
~ J-Con 2015 (Weekend)
~ MCM October London Expo
~ Lucky- Con 2015 (?)

Cons Attended:
~ MCM October London Expo 2012
~ MCM March Birmingham Expo 2013
~ MCM May London Expo 2013
~ MCM October London Expo 2013

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KawaiixFukuro's Confetti Blog
KawaiixFukuro on Myanimelist
KawaiixFukuro on Tumblr
KawaiixFukuro on Youtube


Japanese culture / anime / manga / cosplaying / reading / writing / art / climbing trees / music / daydreaming / animals / horse-riding / ice-skating / travelling / gaming / yaoi / legend of zelda / birds / link / games / darksiders / epona / Okami / horses / pandora hearts / loveless / otaku / ouran high school host club / naruto / toginu no chi / sekaiichi hatsukoi / beyblade / digimon / pokemon / wolfs rain / azu manga daioh / sunshine sketch / durarara!!! / kuroshitsuji / ai ore / vocaloid / kingdom hearts / final fantasy / attack on titan / tmnt / teenage mutant ninja turtles / game of thrones