Personal Information

Name : Stephanie
Location : United States
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 5th September 1992
Age : 24

Cosplay Bio

I've been into cosplay for about two years but attended my first convention less than 6 months ago. I tend to take on extremely complex costumes (mainly darker characters) and prefer not to show much of my face. I make sure I can pull of a character before I decide to cosplay them (as more cosplayers should do). I prefer dressing as male characters mainly because they have cooler costumes and better hair. Not to mention they show less skin. I put large amounts of time and money into my hobby and love every second of it. I live in the south and can't drive (or rather, don't want to) so I only really attend cons in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm open to suggestions for costumes (as long as they're not from Naruto). I research my character and costume extensively, so if you do suggest a costume, please be wiling to explain the character.