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Name : Katie
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Hi all! *Insert the typical girly response about what I'm like here* OTHER than that, I'm studying English Language and Linguistics and Literature at University.

My main cosplay fandom would be the Final Fantasy series, and I hope to cosplay a vast variety of versions of Rydia from IV, because she really has taken to me a great amount.

I hate seeing people alone, so if you wanna talk feel free to come over say hi to me! Nothing would please me more!

Cosplay Bio

My first cosplaying experience was at London MCM May 2009. I went as Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII(Advent Children version), and I have never looked back since. It is an amazing experience; everyone is so welcoming there and I've made so many lovely friends. I hope


Gaming / Final Fantasy / RydiaxEdge / Art / Amano / English Language / Writing / Sports / Tennis