Juri Han

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Name : Juri
Location : Italy
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Personal Bio

Hello, everyone! I'm Maria, from Italy, nice to meet you. :-) I'm 24 and I come from Palermo. I'm a 2nd Dan of TaeKwonDo, which is simply the reason of my life! I began to practice Taekwondo when I was 15, but I really would to start it more young that 15. It became my life style... A life founded about taekwondo, which showed me the way of kicking, of the inner peace, of the inner strengh... But I really don't like lies or lier, they're make me hungry! Please forgive my terrible english! XD
Finally, I'm studing at the University how to become a teacher of Phisical Education, I love animal, expecially cats and, fist of all, Tigers, that I define my "Totem Animal". My first master took me a "nickname", he used to call me "Tiger's eye". Am I crazy? Maybe! ;-)

Cosplay Bio

There's something that you must to know about me... I am the FIRST JURI HAN ITALIAN COSPLAYER ever! ;-) I play her since 2011, and I have choosen to play the role of Juri Han from Street Fighter saga, because she's a taekwondo master just like me... She's not only a cosplay for me, she IS PART OF ME! I had Loved Juri since I've seen her on Super street figher 4. I love her madness and her beastly component of personality. I hope that u like my interpretation!