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Name : Katie
Website : http://jupiterlightning.deviantart.com
Location : Brighton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 4th February 1991
Age : 24

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Hey there, welcome to my CI profile. :P Name's Katie~ I've been cosplaying since I was 15, and love every aspect, though my specialism runs in props and armour. Fabric is something I'm hoping to improve on, but until then, I'mma just spam armours. :P I love making armour, like LOVE it. It used to be everything you see here was made of craft foam (love the stuff) but I'm now branching out into plastics and other shenanigans. Woo. Well, that's me~ Outside of cosplay I like reading/writing, roleplay, drawing, gaming and swimming. ^_^

Maybe see you at Expo~

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Commissioning Service:
I am currently open for making small items, such as small pieces of armour (like gloves, greaves, etc.) headresses, circlets, and other oddments, if people need help with stuff like that. Belt buckles, etc. All of it would be craft foam or similar material (but craft foam is my baby~). Cheap prices, just a little plus materials/postage. Please email me :)

I started cosplaying in 2005 or so... I use the word cosplaying in the loosest possible way. Vincent Valentine from FF7 made from cereal boxes (no, seriously. Cereal box gauntlet ftw) and a cape of cheap cotton. It was amazing. Then a got hooked and... well... expo happened.

I'm a huge procrastinator and I'm forever picking ridiculous and extreme costumes - and likely finishing them the night before without fail.

I'm part of The Empires Guild - with my BFFs Peredhil, Brit, Shamasus, Tundra and SD and long may we prosper and thrive.


One serious picture is all you need.

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Skype: JupiterLightning
Phone: PM me with reasons! :P
Deviantart: JupiterLightning
MCM Forums: JupiterLight
Steam: JupiterLightning
XboxLive: JupiteLightning
I think you get the idea. C:


Gaming / Manga / Anime / Sci-Fi / Reading / Fantasy / RP