Personal Information

Name : Sammie
Website :
Location : Alfred, Ontario
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 16th April 1996
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Personally, I love acting. I want to become a theater person when I grow up so cosplaying seemed like a fun alternative to meet new people. It's like acting except your stage is a convention or photo shoot and your audience is a bunch of random people!

Cosplay Bio

I'm also known as KoiPoi, Pastaluver, Hero4Justice and Juniperstar on my various other accounts~

Please call my KoiPoi ;D

I'm a new cosplayer but I can expect myself to be indulged in cosplaying for a very long time :'D My life long goal is to go to a British con but I'm not sure money-wise how that would work ^^'


Acting / Musicals / Jazz / playing my accordion / cosplaying / reading / writing novels / photography / good music / being a comedian / video games~