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Name : Jennifer
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So I suppose I ought to tell you guys a bit about who I am...
I'm Jenny, I'm 16 and I'm from England.
I'm a very friendly person with the occasional bout of shyness.
To be honest, my personality and attitudes change a lot. So it's difficult for me to write about myself.

I'm an extremely versitile person, I was part of just about every clique possible back in secondary school. I tend to be able to adapt very easily and thrive in difficult situations.

Hm.. what else... Oh! I strongly beleive in the power of meditation. I have meditated since I was 12 and I've taken spirit trips before. As much as I do trust and beleive in it, I do however respect that some people do not.
If I'm 100% honest, I'm a bit of an anime and cosplaying noob. I've been aware of it for a while but I'm only just beginning to immerse myself in the culture.

Other than that, I love my dog, tea and photography (although I'm not great).