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Name : Jenivere
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Location : Poole, Dorset
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Date of Birth : 30th May 1987
Age : 29

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Profile Updated 25th Nov '13

I'm passionate about video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, and thoroughly enjoying some comic fandom (My main collection follows Cable, X-Force and my beloved Domino). I have also more recently taken up tabletop RPGs with a small group of friends. In short, I'm a great big geek and I love it.

My current obsession is still Domino, particularly with Sex and Violence being one of my favourite short series ever written. My other half has now cosplayed as X Force Wolverine which was an amazing surprise!

In my spare time I'm also a bit of a writer, currently working on my first piece of science fiction alongside poetry and writing a bit of music here and there (acoustic guitar and keyboard).

Please feel free to contact me, I really like meeting and talking to new people and making friends with similar interests. I can get a tiny bit overexcited sometimes but generally you'll find me to be fun loving and generally people-loving, with a good chance of hugs when anyone gets close enough and a touch of occaisional crippling shyness but I'm working through that one day by day.

Cosplay Bio

I would now consider myself an amateur at best in the world of Cosplay, but have extended my efforts through the years of experience and have gained a little more confidence with using my sewing machine too. My plans are getting more ambitious each time though I have to be reminded to keep it practical and not overdo the extras that I end up having to carry around.

I generally get the most enjoyment from cosplaying the lesser known or lesser loved characters. I will only go through the time and trouble to make/assemble/wear the costume of a character that I really adore or respect in some way, because that's my motivation. I want to share my love of the character/series and celebrate it.

At MCM London in October 2013, I remade a pair of my favourite costumes - Doki and Nabi from There She Is - to wear with my boyfriend. On the Friday evening, while at the show, he asked me if there was anywhere I thought good to get a couple of photos before the white of our costumes got inevitably greyer through the weekend. I pointed to a red wall nearby and handed the camera to our friend. As I put on the headpiece and looked towards him, he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand.
He proposed to me in the most adorably appropriate cosplay we had, and of course I said yes! Expo engagement. Not what I was expecting but it was wonderful.

Anyway, back to the cosplay, I'm planning a few more costumes now. 2014 will likely be more about Dragon Age, and maybe something else but I'm not certain yet. The impending release of Inquisition and our frequent sessions of tabletop RPG from Dragon Age leaves little room in my tiny mind for much else!

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Facebook - search "Jenivere Domino Sniper-Wolf Stunt" (there's only one of me!)
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Feel free to add and contact, I'm always up for making new friends and enjoy interesting conversation about common interests.



Video games / PS3 / some anime / films / Star Trek / Star Wars / Other Sci Fi / hugs / cosplay (obviously!) / writing / reading / comics / graphic novels / playing guitar / keyboard / bass guitar / and writing music. / tabletop gaming / Dragon Age