Personal Information

Name : Jamie
Location : Milton Keynes
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th June 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hey I'm Jamie :)
I'm from MK and recently began to cosplay
I was originally an avid mini-wargamer but alot of my time and funding has now gone into cosplay and actually getting to cons (which is beginning to take it's toll in train fairs aha)

I would like to say I still have a passion for wargaming, although it is diminishing. I have also managed to gather a small team of yugioh cardgamers in the past few weeks that we use as a socail meet to discuss all things anime and cardgames (considering expanding out meetings to motorcycles, but the card application is proving difficult)

To round myself off I'm a quite shy individual, especially if you catch me out of costume, but I'm really open to anyone who shares my interests and is easy to get to know :)
I'm hoping that through these cons I can get to know a new loop of people as the cosplayers I've got to know so far have been really great to me

So yeah, I hope to see you guys at a midlands convention some time soon :D

Cosplay Bio

Hey guys I'm kinda new to the cosplay scene, but after attending Kitacon 2010 and May Expo both as Death The Kid I'm really interested in getting involved further in cosplay

Generally got started because conventions really seemed to come alive if you went as a character, and I enjoy the recognition and role play you get out of it the most. I think it's a little early to decide a proudest moment but I'm sure something will come up soon :)

Contact Information

Hey guys if you want to talk to me about absolutely anything feel free to hit me up on MSN, I'm tyranos34@hotmail.co.uk
Would prefer if you add me because I prefer I.M to email :)