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Name : Jae
Website : http://starchildcoffee.blogspot.com
Location : Sheffield/Nottingham
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Personal Bio

I lift weights, drink lots of black coffee and if I'm at a convention then the chances are I'm pretty damn inebriated.

Currently I work as a Production Manager in chemical engineering just outside of Sheffield.

Cosplay Bio

I do work out quite a lot, and this stops me from playing characters who are stocky, and I just get away with some slender male characters. Because of how I train I usually cosplay fighter type characters, and characters that are naturally tanned such as Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist.

I also have a thing for masked characters, I just like masks as they're pretty fun props to make.

Feel free to ask how I made any of my props/costumes. I take a lot of pride in them and I hope you do too.

Contact Information

FB: /Mojojaejae
Instagram: Mojojaejae



Praying mantis Kung Fu / Martial arts / Mecha / Gundam / Gunpla / Initial-D / Cyborgs / Androids / Maids / Cats / Cat Maids / Meeps / Needless