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Name : Jaclyn
Website : https://www.facebook.com/J.Po.cosplay
Location : Surrey// Manchester [this will always be my home town]
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Personal Bio

Hi I'm Jac formally FFGamerGirl

One of my best experiences ever is that I worked in Disney World Florida in Epcot and loved every minute if it.

I will travel the world at some point :D

I am a published poet, and I have written articles for a magazine, I’ve been in an advertisement.
I was the entertainment officer for my University’s Anime Society.

I have moved to Surrey in Aug 2012 so i get the micky taken out of me all the time cos of my accent and my northern words, but i dont mind :p

I am very stubborn and I will not be bullied by anyone, I have strong moral values and believe that if you treat others with kindness you will receive kindness.
I would say i am a very shy person but I force myself to push forward and learn and do new things, you only live once so you might as well give it a try.

If someone gives me an opportunity I will take it :D

yea I like chocolate milk :D

Random .....yessssss
quotations and j po sayings

october expo 2010 ---- Ace Face
kitacon 2011- Boob tape
london expo 2011- change placs,,,,, that is all
Manchester expo 2011- you're a LEMUR
ayacon Tree, Tree falling, lemur......

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best"- favorite quote of all time from the majestic lady

Cosplay Bio

October expo
Yuna FFX2
Selphie FF8

May expo
Yuna FFX
Leia Tales of Xilia
maybe Asuna SAO

kitacon 2014
saturday -Yuna
Saturday night -Jessica rabbit
Sunday - Maria traydor

May expo
Friday- Leia - Tales of Xillia
Saturday - Rapunzel
Sunda- Asuna Sword Art online

Midlands expo - rapunzel
Memorabilia - lady Blackhawk
May expo -
Friday - Rinoa - for Sasashie :)
Saturday - Alisa tekken
Sunday -Alicia VC

Manchester expo - undecided

Friday - winry rockbell
Friday night - Rinoa dress
Saturday - Tifa
Saturday night tifa wallmarket
sunday - Rikku FFX
Sunday night- Anastacia

mcm expo october
friday - Kaname chidori
saturday- alicia melchiotte or Ariel
sunday - black widdow

Thursday night - Sae
Fridayday - major motoko / friday night - Kaname chidori
Saturday - seong mina //Saturday night - Tifa

Sunday- Megumi Yamamoto
Sunday night- Tifa wallmarket again lmao

May Expo
Friday- April O'Neil
Saturday- am -Helping out (no cosplay)
Saturday pm - Seong Mi-na
Sunday am day - helping out (no cosplay)

Manchester Expo (serah ? or April o neil again)
subject to change

October expo
Sunday- Black widdow

I have only done a few cosplays but loved them, ive been in Neo that was my highlight :D i loved making my Dagger outfit first costume i've made and the hardest material to use trust me lyrca is a hard thing to sow. Umm i like photos of my cosplay without my face lol just cos i can never pull a good face lmao

just here to see all your talent :D :D


everything might as well be interested in everything or else you may miss out