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Name : Kila
Website :
Location : Nottinghamshire
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st March 1990
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hi, I'm Kila.

I've been more or less addicted to anime for a couple of years now but am still improving my costume making skills.

I like lots of different kinds of manga and anime though my current favourites are probably: Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji and Magi.

I also do a lot of writing and am currently taking a course in university

I've alway wanted to get into cosplay but only really had the confidence lately to start and i love it so much.. even if I confess I kinda suck at making costumes from scratch as I don't really have any training so I mostly wing it. I'm hoping to get more ambitious with my costume making as i go on until i really can make everything from scratch!
I'm kinda quiet until you get to know me... and then i can be very hyper.
I like all kinds of anime/manga from shojo to shounen though I seem to have a dislike for mecha animes and other sci fi but otherwsie I'll pretty much try anything!

Cosplay Bio

I generally do a lot of cosplaying with friends, but I'm trying to get to more conventions when my money allows it
so far iv been at:

Midlands MCM Expo 2010:
Kairi - KH2
Eruka Frog - Soul Eater

Alcon 2010:
Cheshire cat Kaoru - Ouran
Belphegor (formal variant) - KHR
Eiji - Prince of Tennis

JCC 2010:
Yuffie - FF7:Advent Children
Magnet Len - Vocaloid

Midlands 2011:
Gui - 1/2 Prince

Kita 2011:
Joker - Kuroshitsuji
Akira - Togainu no chi
Genderbend Alois - Kuroshitsuji
Eliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Byakuran - KHR

Alcon 2011
Reiji - Star Driver
Young Grell - Kuroshitsuji ova
Orihime - Bleach
Sarah - Labyrinth

JCC 2011:
Imitation black Len - Vocaloid
Rika - Higurashi

October Expo 2011:
Bonus Stage Len - Vocaloid
Syaoran Li - Cardcaptor Sakura
Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts

Midlands expo 2012
Gakupo Madness of Duke venomania - Vocaloid.

Kitacon 2012
Rolo Lamperouge - Code Geass
Yuri Petrov - Tiger and Bunny
Genderbend Jack - Pandora Hearts
Ace - Heart no kuni
Byakuran - KHR
Utena - Revolutionary Girl Utena
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

May Expo 2012
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

Amecon 2012
Ringo Oginome - Mawaru Penguindrum
Utena Tenjou - Utena
Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts
Alice - Pandora Hearts
Elise - Sound Horizon

Alcon 2012
Fem! Captain America

Birmingham Expo 2013:
Xerxes Break - Pandora Hearts

May Expo 2013:
Magnus Bane - The Mortal Instruments
Ringo Oginome - Mawaru Penguindrum
Fai D Flourite - Tsubasa
Aladdin - Magi

Ayacon 2013:
Ja'far - Magi
Yuri - Tales of Vesperia
Pascal - Tales of Graces
Len (Imitation Black) - VOCALOID
Raphael - The Mortal Instruments
Karoku - Karneval

JCC 2013:
Haruka Nanase - Free!
Alex Garcia - Kuroko no Basket

October Expo 2013:
Karoku - Karneval
Hakuren - 07 ghost
Naegi Makoto - Dangan Ronpa

Kitacon 2014:
Haruka Nanase (disco and Arabian variants) - Free!
Richard Windor - Tales of Graces F
Misaki Takahashi - Junjou Romantica
Alice Baskerville - Pandora Hearts
Waiter! Akira - Chiral Cafe
Jem Carstairs - The Infernal Devices