Personal Information

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Name : Kerri
Location : Brighton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th June 1991
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Heyas, just your average graduate trying to get world experience so that I can finally get a job I really want to do. Currently working as an office temp. It's not all too stable but it gives me funds so meh.

I also like to draw, to game, and to eat sushi. My DA accounts are;
And I do /have/ a wordpress, although it's currently not being used much;

Cosplay Bio

Uh I've been cosplaying officially for...3 years now? Although this year (2013) was the year I got a sewing machine for Christmas and so have tried to actually 'make' all of my costumes instead of just heavily modifying them. And although it is knackering, it is very rewarding so far XD. I am part of a 'group' as such, my big group of friends that I normally attend Cons with (Known as the AFB) and we have been known to do huge group cosplays, which makes it all the more fun. The fact that using a sewing machine is actually a lot easier than hand sewing makes me think that I will be inspired to hand make more cosplays in the future, and I'm pretty pleased with that ^^.